How did I get to be where I am now?!…

Thanks for joining me!

I feel like starting this blog Is like starting to tell a story in the middle, and every time I put it off it just gets harder to know where to begin. I have no idea how to introduce myself, So I’m going to start with one of my favourite questions to ask people:

“Often in life, there are small seemingly insignificant moments that so drastically change the course of your future. Moments that your life wouldn’t be the same without, what is that moment for you?”

Now, before you read on please take a moment to think about that. I bet there are some beautiful moments to remember.

So, now, I’m 26, I’ve just graduated from university, I’m moving into my van in a month, and I have No plans for my Future. Just what exactly were those moments that got me here?

My life seems to be a snowball of moments, gathering momentum along the way. It could have been reading “How to change your life in 7 days” when I was 15. It could have been learning to skydive, not because I learnt very well, but because I learnt something more important, that all you need to do is jump. It could have been when I worked my first summer season or it could have been when I worked my last winter season. It could have been my first solo adventure, or going to uni, or studying on exchange. Or it could have been the determination that 2017 was going to be the year I did as many things that scared me as possible. I’m honestly not sure.

I wonder if it was my ex showing me his trad rack and talking about how expensive it all was and me thinking that I’d never be able to afford to climb. It could be the first time I ever ran faster than a guy and I out ran my friend, and surprised myself as much as I surprised him. It could have been that moment my friend suggested I hand my CV to one last company at the industry event I was at. Or that moment when my insanely rad climbing friend decided I was perfectly capable of learning to lead my third time climbing, and somehow I was. I couldn’t tell you how I got here, whether it was drive or luck or ambition or chance. But one way or another I’m here now, and you are all invited along for the ride.

I have no idea where that ride is going, but I honestly promise it’s going to be a bumpy one.  

Happy Adventuring!

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