Broken Ankle Adventures – The re-written list of keeping yourself busy on crutches.

Two months post break πŸ™‚ finally kicking the crutches.

One of the most devastating things about breaking my ankle was when I merrily googled “what to do with a broken ankle” and the best google could do was to tell me to:

  • Read a book
  • Watch a tv series
  • do a puzzle
  • write something
  • do an online course

Well cheers for that Sherlock, never thought of any of those, where would I be without you. Now I’m not knocking a good puzzle, but none of these are outdoors, none of them are very active, and they aren’t really that high on my list of things I want to be doing. For a fairly active person I was pretty stumped on what was possible, what on earth could I do?

Here are my top 7 adventures to have with a broken ankle. As a slight disclaimer I don’t recommend anyone tries any of these at home, especially not with a broken ankle, you should definitely stay home instead, like the doctor said, and enjoy that tv series.

1. Go for a Drive (or a train, or a bus ride)

This one is the simplest, you leave the house don’t move and get to see the sights! Chat to your driver, whack a podcast on or get some good old car karaoke on the go (maybe not for the bus or train) Spirits will be dancing in no time.

Tip: If the movement of the drive rocks your leg too much rest it on a cushion to pad out the movement.

2. Just Sit Outside

My favourite morphine based activity was quite simply sitting in the sun and watching clouds and planes. It’s great you get all the free Vit D you need, it doesn’t need any resources, and it is a great way to have a digital detox.

3. Pick Your Own!

This one is great! Drive around a farm and spend some time picking fruit and veg. If you feel tired bring a blanket and sit and chat whilst your friends do the picking! up and walking? Get cracking, Guaranteed fun!

4. Go to the Cinema

This was my first outing. It can be made easier by pre booking an extra seat or bringing an additional chair to put your leg on. Bring a pillow to keep it comfy and of course don’t forget extra popcorn for all those calories you’re using!

5. Climbing?! (don’t try this at home)

Now, Ok, this one might be a bit contested in terms of safety, But I rate it πŸ™‚ . I’m not suggesting that having a broken ankle is the time to learn to climb, but it was one of my favourite activities, using my knee rather then my boot and having a great team of friends to belay me so there was less risk involved.

6. Arrange a pot luck πŸ™‚

Another great option, and with the excuse of a broken leg you can pre-warn your pals that you’re contribution will be yourself! You get the benefits of an awesome meal with friends, without the stress of cooking or the hassle of doing all the washing up. Hosting a pot luck means you get to see your friends, and bring everyone together, without having to worry about how you will manage leaving the house, you don’t even have to leave the sofa if you don’t want to!

7. Get to the Water!

Whether a lake, river or the sea, water can be a great healing place, and offers opportunities for all points of broken ankle recovery. If all you want to do is sit you can go and watch the ducks, or the waves, the boats or the water running past. Feel better? play pooh sticks (clearly I have the maturity of a 6 year old), go for a stroll, collect some litter! Even Better?! Go for a Kayak ! it’s completely possible (although probably not medically recommended) have friends keep it stable whilst you get in, and then paddle to your hearts content – Just remember to keep your leg dry. Same applies for SDP (sit down paddle boarding) and inflatable dinghy’s. Living a cast free life?! Get Swimming! Swimming offers great rehab as a NWB activity and full body workout, and I believe the cold water outdoors can help healing. – I’m still not there yet, but it’s coming soon!

Thanks for reading!

Have you enjoyed this post ?! Do you also have a broken ankle too, maybe you’ve got some activities to add to the list?! I would like to hear from you ! Please feel free to like the post or leave me a comment below or send me a message on Instagram!

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