30 Days of Doing – The full list of Do!

I hope you enjoyed following along with 30 days of Doing as much as I enjoyed doing! Thank you to every one for their support, suggestions, messages and encouragement! There will be another 30 day challenge coming soon!

There are so many other actions I wanted to tell you about and so much more you can do! there just wasn’t enough space to fit it in you can find out some more tips on my Instagram story highlights, or please drop me a message!

Day One – We love trees! Donate to Rainforest Alliance to support the Amazon

Day Two – Write to companies to ask them to reduce their plastic

Day Three – Click on The hunger site to donate for free

Day Four – Check out Amnesty International and sign some petitions

Day Five – Litter Pick! – You could even do a 2 Minute Beach Clean!

Day Six – Unsubscribe from emails and delete emails that are no longer needed

Day Seven – Downloaded Ecosia and searched enough to plant a tree

Day Eight – Listen to the “What on earth” podcast and do what they say like go follow friends of earth

Day Nine – Divest your bank account of fossil fuels

Day Ten – Have a clear out and donate to charity

Day Eleven – Say no to junk mail, send it back, ask them to stop and check out citizen’s advice for more info

Day Twelve – Support Grassroots organisations, sign their petitions! some great examples are:

Day Thirteen – Learn more about Immigration detention centers – and take steps to stop them – like writing to your mp!

Day Fourteen – Take steps to plastic freedom! Razor come at me!

Day Fifteen – Support Amnesty – it’s my go to!

Day SixteenSMALLLS FOR ALLL – donate (new) pants or unwanted bras!

Day Seventeen – Signed all the petitions in my insta adds – spend some time tailoring your adds!

Day Eighteen – Diversify your social media! #DiversifyYourFeed

Day Nineteen – Support Women in sport! Read the news, follow on social media, subscribe to podcasts, and buy tickets to matches! Cheeeeeeeeer women on as if we haven’t been cheering men on for the last million years

Day Twenty – Join a protest! Fridays for Future

Day Twenty-One – Support independent investigative journalism… donate or buy a paper

Day Twenty-Two – Litter pick

Day Twenty-Three – Sign a petition and support #truthtopowerhour

Day Twenty-Four – Listen to “how to save the planet” podcast, hear inspirational voices and share their message

Day Twenty-Five – Digital Detox, download forest and plant trees!

Day Twenty-Six – Join an Extinction Rebellion meeting and find out about making change

Day Twenty-Seven – Support women in Film! Buy tickets to a women’s film event!

Day Twenty-Eight – Champion a cause on Twitter

Day Twenty-Nine – plastic free gifts – I gifted a bamboo cup to someone who was stuck on single use

Day Thirty – Complete a plastic audit – and chose something to cut down

Thirty Days Done! If you have any ideas for things I could have done or should do in the future please let me know! you can leave a comment below or drop me a message on Instagram!

Until then Happy Adventuring and don’t forget to be the change ❤

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