Van Dwelling – Episode Two – When it all goes house shaped.

So how is van life Frankie….. Well van life has gone house shaped. 

Let me explain…

A few weeks ago I was merrily driving around as you do , power singing my favourite songs, when I realised Karoline was slowing down, and basically going no-where. To the point where I was overtaken by an old school mini, I mean those things can go fast right? 

I kept driving and crossed my fingers that she wasn’t warmed up? As you do!.. A few drives later the mechanic checked her out and it seems she was locked into limp mode the entire drive to the mechanics garage, and she had some serious problems. 

So where did that leave me then? Vanless for two weeks and very kindly moved back in with family. I’m not going to lie, it made me feel like I was running on a treadmill…. As if I was hustling and trying as much as I could to move forward in life and run, run, run, run… nope I’m still here.When I look back now two weeks is no time, but at the time, two weeks seemed like another huge delay in any form of life progress. 

Being one van down didn’t stop us.

I’m just going to add in here that despite feeling like my super exciting new life had just been stripped of all excitement, I still feel hugely privileged. Privileged to own a van, privileged to have the money to fix it, and privileged to have such an awesome network of people around me. Whilst Karoline was getting fixed, the adventures kept rolling, I became a part time van dweller, jumping into my girlfriend’s van for weekend getaways, and back in the house during the week. 

And now…. Literally as I’m writing this, my last few things are ready… and I’m moving back in! Karoline is home and packed up and ready to go! What’s the plan now? I’ll be in her for a week until my new event tour starts. Then touring around the UK meeting all sorts of awesome people and going cool places, before heading out to the alps for January and February…. Seems like time to jump off the treadmill now! 

Top Tips for surviving Van Life Breakdowns 

Keep Calm – Easy to say right?! But honestly no matter what happens you will get through it, you’ve got through all your worst days so far! 

Stay Grateful – For me owning a van is a privilege, I’m super lucky to have the life I do and I’m so grateful for it. 

Reach out – I don’t want to tell people when things go wrong, because I’m Miss solid who never cracks ever…. But this situation left me without a choice. And I’m so glad it did. From other van dwellers reaching out and saying they were in the same place, to friends of friends watching my van back, I would be in a much , much worse position if I hadn’t asked for help. 

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